Distinctive and original, each individual safari is tailor-made uniquely for you, your friends and your family.

I take great pride in my ability to weave a magical picture of Africa for my guests during a safari – intertwining the diverse threads of flora, fauna, culture and history with folklore, politics and geography in a fun and undemanding way. I prefer to keep far away from the crowds. By using a mixture of luxury hotels, lodges and permanent or mobile tented camps. I can ensure exclusivity for my guests. Of course I like to immerse my guests in as much of the animal life as possible but I also like to show off the spectacular landscapes, culture and all the other things that go towards making a safari so exciting and interesting.

I choose a mixture of areas to visit so that you can enjoy a diverse array of experiences as well as many different species of animals. I particularly like to incorporate areas that give my guests an insight into the many tribal cultures that contribute to the beautiful corners of Africa.  Some tribes retain cultures and livelihoods that have changed little for thousands of years.  To visit and share their world is to travel back into an almost forgotten era.

As a qualified professional safari guide, I, Andrew Campbell, run and guide all the safaris myself. Many of my guests have taken their first safari with me in Kenya and then return again and again to different parts of the continent on subsequent trips.

I travel to the United States, Australia and Europe regularly to visit past and prospective guests to discuss their safaris in person. Meeting you before your safari adventure starts is of great benefit to my planning. My guests, of all ages, say they feel more enriched and grounded after one of my safaris, something I take as a great compliment.

Andrew Campbell Safari's Leapard Running
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