All itineraries are customised and personalised; each safari is planned according to your interests.

I choose locations extremely carefully and specifically based on the time of the year and the dynamics of the travellers. I prefer to use the quieter places; the least trodden areas with the most prolific wildlife; locations that give my guests a feeling of privacy and exclusivity.

When I visit you at home, I will ask you questions that will help me to best design your itinerary to cater for specific interests such as bird watching, fishing, hiking, photography or a combination of these and others!  Once I have an idea of what you would like to do, I will plan a draft itinerary and send it to you. All correspondence is with me and me alone. I like to work with my guests on their itineraries to make sure that I really understand your likes and dislikes. It’s good fun too – the shared anticipation makes the safari experience an exciting adventure for all of us.

Andrew Campbell Safari's Lion Family

Tourism has a substantial effect on the destinations most frequented by foreign visitors. While some of these effects are beneficial, providing local income and incentive for environmental conservation, other aspects can seriously disrupt local economies and ecologies.

I am very much aware of this and will set up and organise your safari itinerary with this at the forefront of my mind. I am fully committed to booking luxury hotels, lodges and permanent tented camps that are environmentally friendly, that protect the ecosystem, that actively involve local communities, that minimise the negatives and reinforce the benefits and that respect native culture and customs.

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