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‘Planking’ in the middle of the ‘bewildebeest’!

on Monday, 08 August 2011. Posted in Maasai Mara, 2011, Kenya

Mara, Kenya

‘Planking’ in the middle of the ‘bewildebeest’!

They bewilder everyone these wildebeest. Seemingly without rhyme or reason they cross back and forth the crocodile infested waters each year. Some chase their own tails in utter madness, most just follow the one in front of them trusting his/her judgement with amazing reliability. One day they are as far as the eye can see and the next they have completely disappeared. Some walk into a lion pride, get chased away often losing a compatriot, and then they walk back into the same pride 30 minutes later. Seriously! They are certainly not stupid though. To reach the astronomical numbers they have, they must be clever. Well I think so anyway!

A hot, dry and dusty Serengeti

on Tuesday, 15 March 2011. Posted in Serengeti, 2011, Tanzania

Serengeti, Tanzania

A hot, dry and dusty Serengeti

With a final glance across the verdant Ngorongoro Crater we jumped into the truck and headed west towards the Serengeti. It didn’t take long for the landscape and the weather to change. As we descended from the highlands the heat rose and the dust gathered creating a shimmering haze over the endless plains. With quick stops at Olduvai Archaeological Museum and the incredible Shifting Sands we continued through herds of wildebeest, Thomson gazelle and zebra all in single file lines headed for well known waterholes.

‘Um, Joseph, I may need your help!’

on Sunday, 04 July 2010. Posted in Maasai Mara, Kenya, 2010

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It's so good to be home again’ whispered Mary as we drove back into our luxury mobile camp. There is nothing like the feeling of having your own private camp, with your own private staff and your own private view across the Mara plains. I could feel everyone was excited about the Mara. Joe, Amanda, Seb and I had all raved about it and now we were there and had to produce the goods! I would love to take the credit for it but actually the Mara itself produced it for us. We had an incredible time with wildlife viewing that can only be described as out of this world.