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The uniqueness of Laikipia

on Friday, 22 October 2010. Posted in Laikipia, Kenya, 2010

The uniqueness of Laikipia

I picked up Rene, Lidy, Simone and Wim and we flew direct to Loisaba. Peter, our pilot in his Cessna 206, aka the Yellow Peril, gave us an incredible flight several hundred feet over the Aberdare Mountains and across the Laikipia plateau. Before we had even landed we had seen herds of elephant, buffalo, giraffe and zebra. Although Simone and Wim have been on safari with me 2 times already they were gobsmacked by the beauty. Rene and Lidy were just astounded. On the ground the excitement then started immediately as we were charged by an elephant on our way to the lodge. Just an old male strutting his stuff, more bravado than anything so nothing to worry about!

In or out of a car - there is so much to do on safari

on Tuesday, 13 April 2010. Posted in Laikipia, Kenya, 2010

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A fantastic low flight across the Laikipia plateau took us next to Loisaba. Rivers and dams that have been dry for 3 years are now full and everything is looking so beautifully green. A quick game drive and a couple of leopard tortoises later we arrived at the lodge. The views defy description and the waterhole below continuously draws a variety of wildlife. A breeding herd of 30 elephant plus one enormous male greeted us on arrival as they drank from the coloured waters.

Loisaba Wilderness and the Star Beds

on Sunday, 24 January 2010. Posted in Laikipia, Kenya, 2010

An incredible experience

Loisaba Wilderness and the Star Beds

We said our goodbyes to the team at Lewa and drove to the airstrip to meet Peter White for our private charter to Loisaba. Flying at 200 feet above the ground is always great fun and it gives you a very different perspective of the stunning landscape. We brushed over the Loldaiga Hills and continued towards the Laikipia plateau, home to Loisaba Lodge and Starbeds. It was hot out there so most animals were heading for shade cover but on a hunch I decided to pass by the dam to see if anything was coming down for a drink. We arrived just in time to watch over 70 thirsty elephants swim and play in the muddy waters. Matriarchs, sub adults and little ones all seemed in heaven as did Jackie and Mica as they clicked furiously on their cameras. On the side lines a slender mongoose kept us amused for a while as he scampered back and forth across the track in front of us.