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Elephant in every direction

on Friday, 05 August 2011. Posted in Laikipia, 2011, Kenya

Lewa, Kenya

Elephant in every direction

Our final game drive on Lewa was not without excitement nor humour. An elephant actually put her trunk on the bonnet of the car to the point that I could have stretched out and touched it in front of me through the open window. That was the excitement, the humour was Tom’s comment. ‘That elephant has ‘moobs’ (man boobs!)’. Of course it was actually a female but we all rolled around hysterically laughing as Tom realised his mistake.

The Samburu people and the stars

on Thursday, 07 July 2011. Posted in Laikipia, 2011, Kenya

Samburu, Kenya

The Samburu people and the stars

We had not done any exercise for a few days so a walk was the first item on the agenda as we arrived at Loisaba. This private wilderness allows for all sorts of ‘out of the vehicle’ activities and our walk across the open plains was the best way to stretch out the legs. As Pocket, our Samburu guide, drove the car to the meeting point we strolled across through the golden grass covered savannah, with zebra, oryx and hartebeest in every direction. Just on the small game drive into the lodge we came across herds of elephants and journeys of giraffe.

The uniqueness of Laikipia

on Friday, 22 October 2010. Posted in Laikipia, Kenya, 2010

The uniqueness of Laikipia

I picked up Rene, Lidy, Simone and Wim and we flew direct to Loisaba. Peter, our pilot in his Cessna 206, aka the Yellow Peril, gave us an incredible flight several hundred feet over the Aberdare Mountains and across the Laikipia plateau. Before we had even landed we had seen herds of elephant, buffalo, giraffe and zebra. Although Simone and Wim have been on safari with me 2 times already they were gobsmacked by the beauty. Rene and Lidy were just astounded. On the ground the excitement then started immediately as we were charged by an elephant on our way to the lodge. Just an old male strutting his stuff, more bravado than anything so nothing to worry about!

The stars of Loisaba

on Wednesday, 06 October 2010. Posted in Laikipia, 2010

The stars of Loisaba

Considering we only had the short drive to the airstrip to do I assumed that we had ‘maxed’ out our luck on Lewa but would you believe it, 2 Black rhino and our friendly lion cubs on an impala kill. At this point, as a guide, you just have nothing left to say! You need to sit back, take a few photos and enjoy the moment. We then jumped aboard our plane and headed for our next stop, passing over Pride Rock (the real life version from The Lion King) and herds of elephant on the Laikipia plateau we arrived to a warm welcome at Loisaba.

Loisaba Dik Diks

on Friday, 02 July 2010. Posted in Laikipia, Kenya, 2010

It never happens how you want it to except for Dik Diks galore

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As we landed at Loisaba, the first question I was asked was what animal we were likely to see the most of in the area. Amanda and Seb, who had joined us from Nairobi, smiled wryly as for those of you who know Loisaba, that is not a particularly difficult question to answer, it can only be the Dik Dik. It is tiny, shy, cute and absolutely everywhere. Jake and I decided to call it the ‘scooby snack’ as it can only be classed as peanut size for a predator’s appetite. By the time we had reached the lodge the count was already at 20 and we had only driven for 10 minutes – imagine how many we saw over the next 3 days!

In or out of a car - there is so much to do on safari

on Tuesday, 13 April 2010. Posted in Laikipia, Kenya, 2010

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A fantastic low flight across the Laikipia plateau took us next to Loisaba. Rivers and dams that have been dry for 3 years are now full and everything is looking so beautifully green. A quick game drive and a couple of leopard tortoises later we arrived at the lodge. The views defy description and the waterhole below continuously draws a variety of wildlife. A breeding herd of 30 elephant plus one enormous male greeted us on arrival as they drank from the coloured waters.

The bush is so exciting!

on Sunday, 14 February 2010. Posted in Laikipia, Kenya, 2010

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Guest Blogger

We flew in a very small plane to Loisaba. Nicola asked Peter to fly low because she doesn’t like to fly high but I don’t mind because I can listen to Alicia Keys on my Ipod. The flight was a little bumpy but Peter can fly very well. We have seen lots more animals at Loisaba especially dik diks which are very cute little antelopes that hop around the grass in front of my room. I am sharing with my sister and Mum and Dad are next door.

Loisaba Wilderness and the Star Beds

on Sunday, 24 January 2010. Posted in Laikipia, Kenya, 2010

An incredible experience

Loisaba Wilderness and the Star Beds

We said our goodbyes to the team at Lewa and drove to the airstrip to meet Peter White for our private charter to Loisaba. Flying at 200 feet above the ground is always great fun and it gives you a very different perspective of the stunning landscape. We brushed over the Loldaiga Hills and continued towards the Laikipia plateau, home to Loisaba Lodge and Starbeds. It was hot out there so most animals were heading for shade cover but on a hunch I decided to pass by the dam to see if anything was coming down for a drink. We arrived just in time to watch over 70 thirsty elephants swim and play in the muddy waters. Matriarchs, sub adults and little ones all seemed in heaven as did Jackie and Mica as they clicked furiously on their cameras. On the side lines a slender mongoose kept us amused for a while as he scampered back and forth across the track in front of us.

Loisaba Wilderness

on Tuesday, 05 January 2010. Posted in Laikipia, Kenya, 2010

A stunning mix of beautiful landscapes, activities, culture and wildlife

Loisaba Wilderness

With a brief window of sun, Brit and Blake did the bi-plane over Lewa. With their wool lined leather jackets, cotton scarves and ‘Biggles’ eye wear they really looked the part. The flight gives an incredible feeling of going back in time as Will steers the plane seemingly effortlessly over the open grasslands and down rocky ravines that litter the fairyland of the Northern Frontier District. With earphones on playing the ‘Out of Africa’ and ‘Last of the Mohicans’ themes you experience the surrounding area from a uniquely different perspective.