Rhino, rain and ramblings around the fire

on Thursday, 30 June 2011. Posted in Rift Valley, 2011, Kenya

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Rhino, rain and ramblings around the fire

The quick flight from the dry plains of Lewa into the lush green Great Rift Valley was a little bumpy. Visibility was not great as we glided through a couple of rain showers but as we descended Lake Nakuru opened up below us shimmering in the golden evening light. A beautiful sight and a stark contrast to Lewa with its pink flamingo lined shores and yellow barked fever tree forests hugging the escarpment. The car was waiting for us and we headed out on our first game drive towards our private luxury mobile camp.

acs-hyenapupHerds of buffalo in every direction coupled with Thomsons gazelle, Grants gazelle, warthog, zebra and waterbuck grazing on the golf course like fairways of short cut grass. Just before getting into camp we even got a very brief glimpse of a leopard which was a bonus. The crew welcomed us and everyone settled into their tents. ‘This is a different style of camping to what we are used to’ said Olivia as we sat down by the fire to a glass of fine wine and exquisite hors d’oeuvres. Stories and laughter were the order of the night as we all recounted tales, jokes and riddles whilst the hyenas whooped in the distance.

acs-flamsThe freedom and exclusivity of the private camp really allowed us to enjoy and experience to the full the beauty of Nakuru National Park. Sunrise down by the lake was stunning. As the great ball of fire rose above the ridge we walked along the shoreline surrounded by thousands of pelicans and flamingoes. The rain from the might before created a mythical feel to the lake as a low lying mist hovered above the soda crusted waters. We had a lovely bush breakfast in the midst of it all before returning to camp late morning to relax in the confines of the coolness of the camp but not before passing a clan of hyena with very sweet pups.

Our last evening produced five lion, three black maned males and one female, lounging by the side of the road eyeing up some unsuspecting zebra in the distance. The critically endangered Rothschilds giraffe, dozens of impala, some colobus monkeys and a green headed tree agama completed our stay as we took our private charter onto Loisaba.

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