Cyclones on a Spice Island

on Saturday, 19 February 2011. Posted in 2011, Tanzania, Zanzibar

Zanzibar, Indian Ocean

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Deb and Chris, my trusty friends from Texas, are back again for their 5th safari with me. It is always great to see old safari goers anticipating their next African experience with such gusto. Deb’s first question was ‘So what is the first animal we are going to see?’ ‘Well’ my response started ‘not a lot to start with as Stone Town on Zanzibar does not have many wild animals!’ ‘Come on Andy, I know you will find us something’. With the luck we have had on previous safaris, we have seen so much so quickly that it was a fair question.

Tropical Paradise

on Tuesday, 05 January 2010. Posted in Photography, 2010, Tanzania, Zanzibar

Tropical Paradise

Archetypal palm fringed beaches, spectacular coral reefs and the crystal clear turquoise Indian Ocean create a tropical paradise for post safari bliss.