My Safari Style

Amboseli sunriseI prefer to keep far away from crowds. By using a mixture of private mobile camps and select lodges I can ensure exclusivity for my guests. Of course I like to show my guests as much of the animal life as possible but I also like to show off the spectacular landscapes, culture and all the other things that go towards making a safari so exciting and interesting. I choose a mixture of areas in which to camp so that we can enjoy a diverse array of experiences as well as many different species of animals. I particularly like to incorporate areas that give my guests an insight into the many tribal cultures that contribute to the beautiful corners of Africa. Some tribes retain cultures and livelihoods that have changed little for thousands of years. To visit and share their world is to travel back into an almost forgotten era.

One of the chief advantages for a busy modern family or a group of friends is the amount of quality time they get to spend together on a safari; there are few distractions in the way of telephones, work or outside commitments so guests are able to enjoy time together at a relaxed pace. A unique luxury mobile camp allow flexibility and mobility. It moves according to the weather and game predictions for the time of year and in line with the interests of my guests. One of the great Tolstoyadvantages of a private camp is informality. Your days can be as active or as relaxed as you like. If we happen to find a cheetah hunting around lunchtime we don’t have to leave the excitement to rush back for lunch at a set time. Each camp is put up for you alone and it becomes your home away from home.

Movements from camp to camp are generally by charter aircraft which saves lots of time and is much more comfortable. The roads in Africa can leave a lot to be desired and the continent is a very big place!

All my itineraries are personalized; each safari is planned according to the interests of my guests. When I visit you at home, I will ask you questions that will help me to best design your itinerary to cater for specific interests such as bird watching, fishing, hiking, photography or a combination of these and others! Once I have an idea of what you would like to do, I will plan a draft itinerary and send it to you. I like to work with my guests on their itineraries to make sure that I really understand your likes and dislikes. It’s good fun too - the shared anticipation makes the safari experience an exciting adventure for all of us.